Brand & Logo

Downloadable assets like PandAI or PandAI Token logos.

✅ What you may do

You may use PandAI's Brand Assets when you are:

  • ✅ Referring to our products and services

  • ✅ Linking to our official site or products

  • ✅ Announcing an official partnership, but only if you have official approval by a qualified member of the PandAI team

For information on other uses of our Brand Assets, please reach out at [email protected]

⛔️ What you may not do

You cannot use PandAI's Brand Assets for:

  • ⛔️ Your products' name, logo, NFTs

  • ⛔️ Your digital or physical products for sale

  • ⛔️ Derivative names like PandAI Solana

You also cannot ⛔️ change or adapt our Brand Assets in any way

PandAI Logo Downloads

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