PANDAI tokens are properly vested and backed by real investments in USDT. These investments will cover all initial expenses, including marketing costs, influencers, and cex listings. This protects against token dumping.

PANDAI is more than a simple meme token. It is a strong, purpose-driven community united by a common goal – discovering AI and how it can improve lives.

One use of AI, algorithmic trading and predictive analysis, is already being utilized by the Founding Team, and will be adapted in a way to benefit the PANDAI community.

PANDAI isn't our first rodeo. We've succeeded before, but we want to do it even better, with team and community stronger than ever before. Join us before you regret it!

In summary, the uses of PANDAI are:

  • Early access to alpha AI info and tools

  • Membership to a strong community that is fun, knowledgeable, and progressive

  • Buying and selling of goods and services within the community

  • Rewarding content creations and active community members

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