PANDAI supply will be distributed as follows. Note that PANDAI DAO, deciding about any bigger spendings, will be established from Early Investors, that will buy PANDAI vested for 18 months. Lock in table bellow means that the tokens are vested.


🔒 Early Investors


🔒 Development


🔒 Integration


🔒 Team


DAO Budget


Marketing & Community


Initial Liquidity


Early Traders, Farming Rewards


Early Investors [30%]

There will be 3 private rounds for PANDAI, each round selling 10% of PANDAI, all rounds combined will comprise 100 votes in PANDAI DAO.

  1. 10% PANDAI sold for $1M, 18 months vesting, 10 votes This will happen before DEX listing and the Founding Team will contribute 50% in this round. The $200k collected will be used to create initial liquidity.

  2. 10% PANDAI sold for $3M, 18 months vesting, 30 votes

  3. 10% PANDAI sold for $6M, 18 months vesting, 60 votes

The smallest ticket will be worth $100k in USDT, equating to one vote in PANDAI DAO. Voting will decide how the DAO budget will be used. Funds collected will be used for initial expenses for PANDAI, which include: liquidity pool, marketing, and CEX listing. Seed rounds before the public launch will prevent the distribution of free tokens and price dumping.

Funds raised in 2nd and 3rd rounds will be used towards AI trading tools and to increase PANDAI token value. We plan to buy back PANDAI from public markets, implement burn events, and reward active community members.

Development [10%]

Developers will be incentivized to create custom solutions for the PANDAI community. Tokens will also be linear vested for 12 months.

Integration [10%]

10% of PANDAI is reserved for PANDAI token integration into existing products, and thereby increasing the value of the token itself. Tokens will also be linear vested for 12 months.

Team [10%]

10% of PANDAI is reserved for the team and will be vested so that team tokens will be released after 24 months.

DAO Budget [15%]

15% of PANDAI is reserved for other spendings including CEX listings, and other ways to increase global awareness of PANDAI.

Marketing & Community [15%]

15% of PANDAI will be used for marketing purposes, promoting and increasing awareness of PANDAI and to reward members of our loyal community that contribute towards the greater good of PANDAI.

Initial Liquidity [5%]

We'll use $100k collected in the first private round and 2% of all PANDAI to create the initial liquidity. This will set an initial market cap of $5M and a price of 0.00000005.

LP Tokens have been locked for 12 months on Team Finance


Remaining PANDAI will be used for market making on cexes, to ensure liquidity there.

Early Traders, Farming Rewards [5%]

After the liquidity pool is created, activity on DEX in the first 7 days will be closely monitored to reward trading volume contributors. Rewards will be proportional to how much PANDAI each address has traded. The total reward supply will be 2% of all PANDAI.

The remaining 3% will be reserved for LP Farming rewards, to incentivize and boost liquidity providing.

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