We are PANDAI, the cutest AI meme token, making AI accessible for everyone. We're not just another simple memecoin, but will provide real utility and knowledge about AI. Pandas Gonna Make It! (PAGMI)

Don't know much or anything about AI but want to get into it? You've come to the right place. We will build a strong community that will share knowledge and AI tools–all to support and stay up-to-date with the booming AI crypto industry. PANDAI will provide access to some of the hottest tech to make your life easier. Some tools include improved language translations, automated imaging and music generation, intelligent voice assistant, predictive analysis. And we’ll be here to help you learn how to use them to the fullest.

The AI industry is booming and it's impossible to know what will be used in AI in 6 months. What we thought possible in 6 months, AI is capable of achieving it in 4 weeks. PANDAI use cases, presented in this tokenomics, are no exception. We can present only a temporary vision that will continuously evolve with AI developments and trends.

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