📶PandAI Earn

Let AI take care of your assets.

Are you tired of watching the news, discovering new gems, finding the best staking/farming/borrowing opportunities, studying market analyses or staring into daily charts? Did something happen on the market while you were sleeping?

What if there would be a tool that could take care of all of this for you?

For years, the PandAI team has been teaching AI to take care and now, AI takes care of us, through PandAI Earn.

PandAI Earn is the first utility of PandAI Token. Everyone can entrust his assets to PandAI Earn, but when claiming the reward, there's a claim fee ≤10% paid in PandAI Token that's being burned.

PandAI Earn is a product that introduces the PandAI Token burn mechanism to support token price and bring value to the whole PandAI ecosystem.


There are several Tiers of PandAI Earn based on the value of assets being deposited, with minimum deposit of $100.

TierDepositGain p.m.CompoundAPYLockupClaim Fee


≥ $100




7 days



≥ $500




1 month



≥ $1,000




2 months



≥ $5,000




3 months



≥ $10,000




6 months


Let's demonstrate Tier parameters on two examples.

Example1: User deposits d = $2,000 (it's his first deposit). He's in Tier 3, with Monthly Gain g = 1.5%. User returns in t = 3 months to claim his User Reward r, which is (no compound interest)

r=dgt=20000.0153=$90.r=d \cdot g \cdot t=2000 \cdot 0.015 \cdot 3=\$90.

There's 8% Claim Fee in Tier 3 which means user must pay 0.08 * 90 = $7.2 in PandAI Token when claiming the reward (those PandAI Tokens are being burned).

Example2: User deposits d = $10,000 (it's his first deposit). He's in Tier 5, with Monthly Gain g = 2.2%. User returns in t = 3 months to claim his User Reward r, which is (compound interest)

r=d[exp(gt)1]=10000[exp(0.0223)1]=$682.27.r=d \cdot \left[ \exp(g \cdot t) - 1 \right] = 10000 \cdot \left[ \exp(0.022 \cdot 3) - 1 \right]=\$682.27.

There's 5% Claim Fee in Tier 5 which means user must pay 0.05 * 682.27 = $34.11 in PandAI Token when claiming the reward (those PandAI Tokens are being burned).

It's possible withdrawing deposit before lockup, but this comes with additional withdraw fee paid in PandAI Token. In case deposit is withdrawn after lockup, there's no withdraw fee applied.

Referral Program

PandAI Earn generates a unique Referral Link for any address visiting PandAI Earn dapp (link is generated after user connects his wallet). If a new user follows Referral Link and makes his first deposit into PandAI Earn, his address is being linked with the address that provided the link, forever. The address providing the link is being rewarded.

There are two types of rewards in PandAI Earn

  • User Rewards derived from user's own deposit (defined above) and

  • Referral Rewards.

Referral Rewards are derived from sum of deposited assets of users that joined PandAI Earn following given Referral Link, generates Monthly Gain g = 0.2% and comes with claim fee of 10%.

Let's demonstrate how Referral Reward is calculated on one example.

Example3: Users that followed given Referral Link has deposited total D = $100,000. User that created the Referral Link returns in t = 3 months to claim his Referral Reward r, which is

r=Dgt=1000000.0023=$600.r=D \cdot g \cdot t=100000 \cdot 0.002 \cdot 3=\$600.

There's 10% Claim Fee so the user must pay 0.1 * 600 = $60 in PandAI Token when claiming the referral reward (those PandAI Tokens are being burned).

Supported Assets

Only following tokens can be deposited to PandAI Earn

  • USDT [BEP-20 0x55d398326f99059fF775485246999027B3197955]

Claiming Rewards

The user can claim both User and Referral Rewards at any time. It's up to his preference to claim the rewards once per month, week or day, or even once per block. Every claim comes with gas fees (paid in BNB), which the user must consider.

Smart Contract

Users access PandAI Earn through audited smart contract.

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